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Remember the foods that your grandmother served? Fresh collards and okra, sweet yams, deep fried chicken, catfish, coleslaw, hot, steamy cornbread served with plenty of pot licking juice from freshly cooked greens.

That’s tradition.

Our Heritage

Heritage Fare Ltd. is a second generation African American owned retail food Distribution
and packaging company. HF Markets a proprietary line of seasonings and sauces
formulated to take the guess work out of food preparation.

Heritage Fare began in the early 1990’s when Entrepreneur Wendell E. Turner began to research emerging consumer purchasing habits and trends in foods. Missing were quality foods that offered good taste, convenience and ethnic appeal to African Americans. This huge gap that was discovered presented a major entrepreneurial opportunity resulting in the birth of Heritage Fare, Ltd.

Since 1996 we have been committed to making quality, convenient, and affordable
products that scream tradition and is now available for YOU!

Our Products

We take you back home with our collection of sauces and seasoning.


This is what our customers had to say about our brand.

Carmela Anne says

Oh my lanta 🙌🏼 these are amazing, they seasoned my wings & greens so perfectly...Family & I absolutely loved them. Thank you so much Heritage Fare for making me a Winner of your Giveaway.

Koko Brown says

I absolutely love all of this company’s many products. From them my favs are the famous fish coating, sweet potato pie seasoning, to the Savory Soul sauce and my most favorite of all that I’ve used to win three awards that Greens Seasoning!!! I can’t make them without it! I don’t know how greens were made before this hit the shelves... thank you"  #ClevelandProudClevelandMade 

Portia Daniels says

I have been using Heritage Fare products since 1993. If you want to get married and cannot cook soul food....just bake him a sweet potato pie and a pot of greens!

Everett Prewitt

Each of these products is excellent and a welcome addition to my typical seasoning inventory.

Tammika Tammi Evans

The BEST GREEN SEASONING EVER! I’m from Peoria Illinois!! 

Joseph Capri says

The Greens Seasoning & the Chicken Wing sauce are AWESOME!!!

I have heard NOTHING but amazing reviews of the Sweet Potato Pie mix. As in “throw away the Patti pies” good!

Ambric Bridgeforth Jr says

If you don't know, you'd best ask somebody seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean Samuels says

Your Sweet Potato Pie Seasoning is to die for. It takes me back to the days of my grandmother's pies. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make my pies the way they should be made. THANK YOU!!

David Wilson says

Tonight I tried your wing sauce and it was the best I have tasted.  I will definitely try your other products.

Roger Denny says

I am on my third bottle of your buffalo wing sauce and I love it. Great flavor. I am looking forward to trying some of your other products.

Dan says

That garlic hot sauce…. I could drink it from the bottle…. if you haven’t tried this. … get on with it!

Tamika Skanes says

This stuff is so good I had to leave a comment. Recently tried the Greens Seasoning at a family event. And it was a hit to say the least. The cabbage and green beans had the best flavor. Shout Out to Heritage Fare…You have a great product.

Gregory Williams says

Was introduced to Savory Soul back in the 1980s. That sauce put me on a bender for BBQ and I became a devotee to the craft for almost 30 years now.  Savory Soul is an amazing product. 

Kathleen Shields says

Founder, Company

We absolutely love your wing sauce. After trying every other brand out there, we keep coming back to Heritage Fare.
I can’t always find it in stores, however. Do Giant Eagle and Heinen’s still carry it

Diane says

We absolutely love the garlic wing sauce! Great find! Thank you!

Nancy Drayton says

I just want to share a comment. This seasoning is so good. I would have never dreamed that I could season collard greens without using salt. I used your green seasoning which I’ve had in the cabinet
for a long time and failed to use. I will buy more products and will share with friends.

Scott Conn says

I use the Green’s Seasoning on my steak. It is extremely delicious and much better than a Montreal seasoning. I put a light coat of Worchestershire on the meat, sprinkle with Greens, small amount of
garlic and onion powder, press into the meat, let it stand for 10-15 min then throw it on the grill till med rare. Give it a try, I’m sure you will love it.

Jerome Goodwin says

The sweet potato mix is an excellent product.

Cheryl George Hall says

Wonderful Greens Seasoning...Love It!

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