Kroger Supermarkets to Carry Heritage Fare In Over 1,000 Stores.

Kroger Supermarkets to Carry Heritage Fare In Over 1,000 Stores.

Nationwide — From its sweet and savory seasonings to its hot and spicy sauces, Heritage Fare, Ltd. has created a line of convenience foods that capture traditional down-home African American flavors.  Their brand, Heritage Fare, targets busy consumers who want authentic African American “soul food” taste. “We take you back home” is their tag line and broadcasts the brand’s cultural identity. It is also a reminder of the Southern style tradition of cooking among African Americans.

Remember the home-cooked meals that everybody’s grandmother prepared? Perfectly seasoned collard greens, hot steamy cornbread, Friday’s fried catfish, black-eyed peas and sweet potato pie. In today’s fast paced world there never seems to be enough time to prepare or enjoy such delicious dishes.

Heritage Fare seasonings and sauces help take the guesswork out of food preparation for inexperienced cooks and saves time for experienced cooks. Each product is a blend of herbs, spices and other seasonings that help consumers save up to a third of the time in food preparation.

Effective February 4, 2019, Kroger Supermarkets will be featuring 4 items from the Heritage Fare Product line; Green Seasoning, Sweet Potato Pie Seasoning, and Buffalo and Garlic Wing Sauces.

Kroger will distribute products in more than 1,100 stores within the Midwest and Southeast Regions, such as Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois..

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You can find a store near you by visiting their website. Simply type in a zip code. For those outside of distribution areas who would like to purchase, check out their web site at  for their full line of products: Green Seasoning, Herb and Spice Fish Coatings, Sweet Potato Pie Seasoning, Buffalo and Garlic Wing Sauces, Savory Soul Mild, Hot, and Gourmet  BBQ sauces, and Garlic Hot Sauce. Plus our newest addition Garlic Hot Sauce.

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